Gaining Speed

June 17, 2019

     When you drive down one of Florida’s highways and byways, you’ll soon be happy to know the landscapes you see being installed are now being done by FNGLA certified professionals.

     Spurred on by the Florida Department of Transportation’s statewide mandate that all landscape installs on roadways be done by an FNGLA Certified Landscape Technician, the number of professionals getting certified has skyrocketed this year.

     “It’s nice to see, with this huge amount of landscaping being installed on our public roadways throughout the state, it’s FNGLA’s certified professionals ensuring it’s done right and lasts for years to come,” says Merry Mott, FNGLA’s director of certifications and career development. “Not to mention, it’s the public’s tax dollars funding these installs most times. It’s nice to know they’re being done right.”

     Mott added the new state mandate has brought in a wave of newcomers to the Association from engineering firms. “It’s been a whole new world for us with this new partnership,” Mott says. “We’re making new connections, and bringing professionals together from construction and landscape industries.”

     Between July 1, 2018 and June 2019, 110 industry professionals took the FCLT exam at one of the seven exams given at FNGLA’s four test sites across the state - a record!

     “Thanks to Bonnie Desmond in Pinellas, Gary Weitermann who graciously hosted a test site at SeaWorld Horticulture in Orlando, and Robert Shoelson of Getting Green who made his South Florida business available for not one, but two Saturdays – my hat’s off to you. I couldn’t have done it without these guys and gals.”
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