General Inquiries

What certifications do you offer?

FNGLA offers five professional certifications and administers the Florida Water Star Accredited Professional program. More information on all of these certifcations is available on the Professional Development section of FNGLA's website.

How are they different?

Each certification is geared toward specific areas of the industry and uses both hands-on and written formats to test for skills and knowledge. 

Why do you have so many landscape based certifications? How are they different?

The landscape industry is extremely diverse with many areas of specialization. FNGLA aims to ensure its certifications pinpoint and test specific skill sets. 

Do I have to buy a book? How much? Does each certification have a different book?

Although not required, FNGLA strongly suggests you purchase course materials for each certification. 

How do I order the book? Can I buy the books used? Can I order them from anyone else? How long do they take to ship?

Books can be purchased by visiting FNGLA's storefront. FNGLA does not currently offer used books. Both the FCLC and FCLD textbooks can be found on Amazon. If purchased through FNGLA, books generally ship within two days of purchase. 

Do you offer certification prep classes? Do I need to take a class? When is the next class? Do I register for the class through you? 

Certification classes are optional for all certifications. Certification prep courses take place at varying times of year, in a host of different locations across the state of Florida. Upcoming prep classes are posted on FNGLA's calendar page. 

How do I test? Where do I test? How much is the test?

Test types vary between certifications. Some take place in an online format, while others involve both hands-on and written exams. Test locations vary throughout the year. Upcoming test locations and dates are posted on FNGLA's calendar page. Test prices vary by certification. FNGLA members receive a discount on test prices. 


For Certified Professionals

What is my certification number.

Your certification number is printed on the certification certificate and identification card you received in the mail. If you have not received this, please contact FNGLA.

How many CEUs do I have? How many CEUs do I need? What counts for CEUs? How do I check my CEUs?

You can see how many CEUs you have on record by visiting the Maintain My Certification page on FNGLA's website. 

Where can I find a list of CEUs? (I think they are looking for an event calendar)

Upcoming CEU opportunities are listed on the Calendar page of FNGLA's website. You can also keep up on upcoming CEU opportunities by subscribing to FNGLA's Certification News monthly newsletter. 

Can I get CEUs online? Do I have to pay for them?

Online CEU opportunities are available by visiting FNGLA's Maintain Your Certification page. Most require a nominal fee. 

How long is my certification good for? When do I renew?

FNGLA's certifications are valid for a period of three years. Renewal notices are sent three months prior to your renewal date. 

How do I submit CEUs? What do I submit?

It's easy! You can submit your CEUs to FNGLA via email or snail mail. Be sure to include the name, date, topic and number of hours for the program. The rule of thumb is one CEU is awarded per hour of instruction, up to four per day.

What counts for CEUs? Do CEUs roll over?

Any industry-related seminar, trade show, meeting, class, workshop, or volunteer activity counts! CEUs must be earned during your certification period and do not roll over. 

Does volunteer work count for CEUs?

Yes! Any horticulture-related volunteer activities or structured projects count as CEUs.

If I have enough CEUs, do I need still need to send in payment?

Yes, payment is required to renew your certification in addition to earning all of the required CEUs. 


Potential Members

What does membership cost?

The base price of an FNGLA membership is $395 and increases up to $895 based upon your company's total annual sales. More information on that here.

How do I join as a member? Can I join online? How do I pay?

You can join by visiting the Membership page on FNGLA's website. You can easily make your payment there. 

Why should I become a member?

FNGLA promotes and represents the business interests of Florida's nursery and landscape industry. For more on why joining is essential, visit the Why Join? section of FNGLA's website.

Do you have any member benefits? How can my business get on that list?

FNGLA members have a host of exclusive benefits available to them. More on that at FNGLA's Member Benefits page

How long is membership good for?

Membership is for one year, and FNGLA's membership year runs from July 1 - June 30.

I want to join as myself and not my business because my boss won’t pay for it.

FNGLA's memberships are company-based, yet there are also categories for Retired Industry Professionals, Certified Individuals, and Students. More on that here.

I don’t have a company but I’m not retired or a teacher or a government employee. How can I become a member?

FNGLA does offer a supportive membership specifically for retired horticulturists, teachers and government employees. More on that can be found on FNGLA's membership information page

I am a student. Can I join?

FNGLA has a student membership category for students in horticulture-related educational disciplines. 


Current Members

I need to change my contact info.

You can contact Kate Clary at FNGLA to change/update your contact information or log into your FNGLA profile now.

When do I renew my membership?

Membership renewal notices are sent out by FNGLA. You can renew your membership online

How do I find a list of members? 

Membership directories are available here