FNGLA Certified Landscape Irrigation Service Technician

What is FCLIST?

FNGLA's Certified Landscape Irrigation Service Technician (FCLIST) program is a hands-on certification designed to measure the skills of practicing landscape irrigation service technicians.

  • Targets employees of irrigation and landscape firms; and state, county and municipal government employees. 
  • One year of prior industry work experience is recommended.
  • Although recommended, no prior training is required.
  • Valid for a three-year period. Requires 15 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to maintain this certification.



The FNGLA Landscape Irrigation Manual is a comprehensive guide for the FCLIST exam. It provides information on the specifications and procedures for the exam, but is also a useful tool for the landscape irrigation industry. 

Cost - $90 for FNGA members and $135 to nonmembers. Purchase textbook here


Onsite FCLIST testing is offered statewide at various times throughout the year. Visit FNGLA's events calendar for upcoming dates.


Onsite FCLIST testing is offered statewide at various times throughout the year. See upcoming testing dates here.

Registration is required 30 days prior to scheduled exam. To apply to take the exam, fill out an online registration form.

About the FCLIST Exam

FNGLA's FCLIST exam is a day-long exam. Each FCLIST field exam section must be passed with a minimum 70% in order to earn the FCLIST certification. Listed below is an outline of what the exam portion will entail: 

  • Station 1 Parts ID, Safety, Terminology, Codes & Regulations (Written portion)
  • Station 2 Sprinklers:  Types, Sizes, Features, Maintenance-Repair-Replacement
  • Station 3Valves:  Types, Function, Maintenance, Repair
  • Station 4 System Controllers:  Types, Setting, Function, Maintenance
  • Station 5 Irrigation Wiring & Splices:  Use of Multimeters, Repair of wire, connectors
  • Station 6 Pipe & Fitting Repairs:  Types of and demonstrate different ways to make a repair.
  • Station 7 Operational Efficiency of Irrigation System
  • Station 8 Basic Troubleshooting Scenarios

Exam Fees