President's Letter: I Am Here For You

July 25, 2019

This being my inaugural President’s Letter, I wish to begin by saying what a great time it was at FNGLA’s 2019 Annual Convention. The Tampa Bay Chapter put on a truly exemplary event! I really enjoyed seeing everyone – including some people I hadn’t seen in a while! And, I was able to connect with other FNGLA chapters.

I’m looking forward to my year as FNGLA’s 68th President. I feel extremely honored to take on this role. If you look at the presidents before me, you’ll see some of the most talented, truly incredible leaders. I just hope I can do as well as the great presidents who have come before me.

As Immediate Past President Will Womack and Past President Ed Bravo pioneered during their terms, I, too, plan on continuing to focus my involvement with each of FNGLA’s 14 active chapters across our state. In fact, I’ve already had the pleasure so far to attend two Chapter installations as FNGLA President! And, I plan to make it to as many as I possibly can this year.

I also wish to continue building relationships this year via this ‘chapter reach-out’ approach. It’s pretty much my main goal – getting chapters more involved, being there as much as I can and letting our FNGLA chapter leaders know I’m here for you!

Before I forget, I congratulate FNGLA’s newly installed Secretary/Treasurer Sarah Spatola and President-Elect Martin Hackney. I look forward to working with both of them over the course of this year!

So, as I close this first installment of my President’s Letter, I just wish to say I’m looking forward to spending time with you all this year at FNGLA chapter meetings, golf tournaments and chili cook-offs near you!

With Respect,


Shawn Thomas

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