President's Letter: New Beginnings

July 9, 2021

Each summer, FNGLA experiences a wave of new beginnings: the start of a new fiscal year, the transition of state officers, and the installation of new leadership for many of our Chapters. As I write my first President’s letter, the concept of new beginnings carries extra weight for me this year. Not only because of the personal journey upon which I’m embarking, but also because of the opportunities that lie ahead of our Association.

Over the last 15 months, COVID-19 placed restrictions on our ability to gather and foster camaraderie among our members. We learned no amount of technology can replace the value of a handshake or a hug. As we emerge from these restrictions, FNGLA’s Chapters have a renewed opportunity to plan educational and social meetings.

Though there may be some challenges involved in kickstarting Chapter activities after such a long hiatus, I want you to know that your FNGLA state officers and staff have placed a priority on making sure Chapter leaders have the tools and resources necessary to bring members back together. In this year’s budget, we reinstated the Chapter grant program and allocated funds to develop Chapter leader toolkits.

As we announced last month, Ben has shared his plans to retire next year - presenting us with another opportunity for new beginnings. Personally, I do not know an FNGLA without Ben Bolusky at the helm.  While there is absolutely no replacement for him, I take great comfort in the words that a very wise woman shared with me: “We are not replacing Ben, instead we are writing the next chapter in FNGLA’s history.” With those words in mind, have faith that we are beginning the process to find a leader whose traits will align with the vision of FNGLA’s future. 

As we set our sights on these new opportunities, please reach out to me with your input. If you have ideas for ways we can support Chapter efforts, if you need support, or if you have information to share with the FNGLA Search Committee, I would love to hear from you.


All the best,


Sarah Spatola
FNGLA 2021-22 President


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