President's Letter: Summer in the City

August 5, 2022

That title isn’t just a great song by The Lovin’ Spoonful, used as the intro. to one of my favorite movies (Can you guess it?). It brings back memories of my days at Big Trees Plantation - specifically the preparations for our biggest tradeshow, The Landscape Show, and a trip to Orlando.  Now, as we venture further into the heat of the summer of 2022, I am preparing in a different manner for the show, but am still whistling that tune.

Since those early days, I’ve always very much enjoyed tradeshows - seeing and learning about so many new plants and products. The camaraderie and fellowship of industry peers, colleagues, customers and friends. The buzz of a show floor and the promise of new business. Our robust industry helping to solve each other’s problems. A nice dinner and maybe a beer or three. What’s not to love?

As the song lyrics roll, “Been down, isn’t it a pity. Doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city...” one could think of our current climate, both business and environmental. To that effect, I’d offer some of the many The Landscape Show Knowledge College session topics designed to help you tackle some of our industry issues du jour like labor and retention, business planning and profitability, and landscape/irrigation efficiency.

Continuing with, “Walking down the sidewalk, hotter than a match head,” as the song goes. What better way to cool off on three sweltering Florida August days than to stroll through the trade show floor aisles, talking shop with industry folk at the Orange County Convention Center? With the show just two very short weeks away, I implore you to get your plans made today! FNGLA's industry trade show are back in full swing with FNGLA staff and the Landscape Show Committee working wonders to put forth a fantastic event for all attendees and exhibitors. Their hard work is on your behalf!

Even though The Lovin’ Spoonful mentions absolutely nothing specific about golf, I’ll take this moment to remind everyone the FNGLA/SHARE Golf Tournament will be held separately from The Landscape Show again this year and will take place Friday, October 14, 2022 at On Top Of The World in Ocala. The lyrics are spot on relating to the golf tournament, too, with, “Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty” being the case for some as they hunt for their ball, yet again, in the woods. Admittedly, that’s me sometimes, too, but I’ll be out there playing nonetheless. Hopefully you’ll join us in helping fund research which directly supports FNGLA member needs - while having a blast doing it.

And while the tradeshow floor is without a doubt the main event, we’d be doing The Landscape Show a disservice by not mentioning the fun had by so many in the evenings along International Drive. Call it ‘team building,’ or ‘customer relations’ - or just good, old-fashioned ‘schmoozing.’ The myriad bars and restaurants will remind you to “Come on, Come on and dance all night, despite the heat it’ll be alright.”

Although you may not quite cut the rug, you’d be wise to attend one of the reception events planned and enjoy a night out amongst friends, old and new.

There’s a lot going on in our industry we simply have to work together on. In two weeks, we’ll have an ideal setting to help not only ourselves but each other IN PERSON - and have fun doing so. I hope to see you for those few days in the summer, in the city.


Eric Smith

Eric Smith


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