FNGLA welcomes Latest Member Benefit Provider Insurance & Benefits Advisors

January 17, 2020

FNGLA members can now add access to health insurance plans to the list of FNGLA member-only benefits.    

The Central Florida-based Insurance & Benefits Advisors offers consulting services to analyze and review your employee benefits and health insurance. Whether you need a full employer benefits package or a simple individual plan, Insurance & Benefits Advisors offers free consultations, plan reviews and comparisons! And, the best part is your FNGLA membership entitles you to plans and benefits only available to members!

FNGLA sat down recently with IBA’s Benefits Consultant and Founder Gina Simms to welcome her to the FNGLA family and learn more about what IBA can offer members.

FNGLA: Tell us about Insurance and Benefits Advisors.

GINA: IBA was founded to serve individuals, families, the self-employed and small to medium-sized businesses clients with the same specialized benefits typically available only to large corporations.

Insurance and Benefits Advisors is a team of dedicated insurance professionals with many areas of specialization. Our services extend to your employees and their family members if needed. We serve individuals as well as businesses.

IBA has nearly 100 licensed agents throughout Florida, and in nearly 40 other states serving multi-state corporations. We have five group enrollment specialists, four Medicare specialists, and several claims experts.  

Many agents are multi-lingual and work well with foreign nationals temporarily living in the United States, including temporary workers.

FNGLA: What kinds of services does IBA offer?

GINA: From simple accident-only plans, which cover employees both on and off the job, to full employer benefit packages, IBA customizes plans to meet our clients’ needs.

As an HR benefits administrator earlier in my career, I hired brokers who had limited portfolios – meaning they didn’t show me a large number of options to find the best fits. I never really knew if all the options were on the table and, if they were, I had no idea which were best for my client’s employees.

I later learned some brokers push one carrier or another to earn free trips and bonus incentives. We don’t work for free trips at IBA. We know if we do the right thing, EVERY TIME, our clients will return. We want a client for life, not a quick sale. 

FNGLA: So, what does the process look like for FNGLA members interested in working with IBA?

GINA: We work as part of our client’s management team, focused on two things: cost savings and quality of coverage. If we can save money and provide better benefits, the business owner can utilize those resources to grow their business. We take the headache out of benefits administration, so business owners may focus on what they do best. The result is happy and healthy employees, and a happy business owner with a healthier bottom line.

FNGLA: So, why should FNGLA members take advantage of IBA - our newest member benefit?

GINA: My heart and focus are my clients. As a result of my relationship with the carriers, I negotiated preferred pricing for FNGLA members, in some cases nearly 50 percent less! 

And, we believe in giving back. We thrive with, and because of, the clients we serve. IBA offers FNGLA members no-cost education sessions, lunch and learn events, and one-on-one consultations.

When I attended my first FNGLA chapter meeting, it was like coming home. Most of my family members are small business owners. Small business is the backbone of the U.S. economy. My family has been in the nursery and landscape business for over 25 years. We are truly honored to work with FNGLA and its members!

For more information, visit IBA’s website, call 407-595-8986, or email

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