Getting on the Inside Track

January 9, 2019

Are you an FNGLA Member? You may be and not even know it! It may pay to ask your boss or manager if the company you work for is an active FNGLA member company because, if it is, each of its employees are entitled to receive full membership benefits.

Those include discounts on things like professional development workshops and certifications, select Isuzu vehicles, prescription drug discounts and even entry to FNGLA’s Florida Flower Trials.

You’ll also have a free pass to attend all chapter meetings in your area - a virtually invaluable resource for getting to know other local industry professionals near you. FNGLA has 14 different local chapters across the state.

“Chapter meetings are not just networking gold, but they’re also a pretty good time,” Sandra Pellerin, FNGLA’s membership manager, says. “They usually serve as stomping grounds for the top local industry trendsetters in your area who are all excited to get to know newcomers -- and serve as mentors.”

FNGLA dates back to 1952 and today is a vibrant network of professionals who work in unison to shape the future of Florida’s nursery and landscape industry. Through the association’s activities, FNGLA strives to advance member’s business interests and enhance their success.

To find out whether your employer is an active FNGLA member company, visit FNGLA’s website at:

To find your local FNGLA chapter, visit: •

Not an FNGLA Member?