Taking FNGLA Certification Abroad

December 7, 2018

Angelo Hamilton is a lead-by-example-type of guy.

Hamilton, who serves at Nature’s Way, a wholesale and retail landscape nursery and services center based in Nassau, Bahamas, is both certified in horticulture and landscape maintenance (FCHP and FCLMT). In fact, Hamilton is such an advocate for raising the level of professionalism in his local industry, he's played a key role in encouraging others near him to also earn a professional certification. In the past 10 years, that stewardship effort has led to nearly 200 professionals earning FNGLA certifications.

Many of those professionals even traveled to Florida to earn their FCLMT's and become Certified Judges (FCEJ) so they could create a test site at Atlantis Resort, which they did in 2012.

Hamilton also lends his time assisting others in achieving their FNGLA certification by serving as a certified judge and official exam proctor.

Below, Angelo shares how FNGLA certification has helped him in his career:


FNGLA: How has it helped you in your career?

Hamilton: This afforded me high end clientele and also granted me recognition within the field of horticulture. With the jobs and recognition my income ascended as well. I also gained confidence in my deliberation when disseminating info for issues in the field. 

FNGLA: What interested you in becoming FNGLA certified?

Hamilton: I became interested in becoming FNGLA certified when I realized that clients were seeking professionals with great knowledge of the landscape industry. In addition to that they wanted you to know that you were apart of an institution that was recognized. The FNGLA bore all attributes.

FNGLA: Why do you continue to earn certifications and maintain your CEUs to keep your certifications updated?

Hamilton: I continue to seek and earn certifications and maintain CEUs so I can keep updated and well informed with the always evolving world of advancement in landscape. Through this means I am led to be creative with my workmanship in the industry and also widens my horizon. 

FNGLA: How has it helped the industry in The Bahamas?

Hamilton: Since the introduction of FNGLA certifications to the Bahamas many professionals have been birthed of whom elevated the integrity of the industry over here. The clients are enthused and with the knowledge of the different levels of landscape we are creating an environment that is safer, cleaner and organized. Thus more persons are being drawn to job market professionally and finding it lucrative. ♣

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