FNGLA Member Landscape Company Heads Lead By Getting Certified

July 10, 2019

When it comes to ensuring its employees are advancing their skills through professional certification, FNGLA member company Landscape Maintenance Professionals (LMP) has embraced a top-down approach.

Kelly Ann Vickers, the Florida-based landscape maintenance company's corporate communications and strategies manager, was among the first LMP employees to earn designation as an FNGLA Certified Horticulture Professional.

With LMP for the past five years, Vickers helps the business provide long-term career paths for employees through training and development programs.

By getting certified, Vickers says it has helped her promote one of the company's objectives -- to elevate employment in the landscape industry as not simply a job, but a profession.

Vickers added she is currently in the midst of developing a career path for the company to provide direction for employees who want to advance to the next level within the company. 

“We are going to promote based on obtaining certifications and expanding one's industry knowledge,” says Vickers. “This is in addition to an employee's overall job performance.”

Scott Carlson, vice president and general manager, echoes the company sentiment on promoting advancement through professional development.

“LMP’s continual push to improve the knowledge and skills of its team ensures both benefit from knowledge that reflects professionalism,” he says.

Founded in 1991, LMP offers a wide range of services from maintenance, integrated pest management, irrigation and tree care.

For more information on FNGLA's six professional certifications, visit the Professional Development section of FNGLA's website

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