President's Letter: What a Crazy Time

April 17, 2020

What a crazy time. Who would have ever thought in our lifetime we’d see something as crazy as this pandemic is today?  And, our country would be shut down for three weeks, so far, as I pen this?  I, personally, have never seen anything like this in my lifetime. All we can do is hope for the best and make sure we’re following our CDC guidelines with our clients and in our businesses.

Fortunately, nurseries and landscape firms in our industry have been labeled an “essential businesses.” And, for the most part, from people with whom I’ve spoken, it seems to be business itself is usual, yet it’s being done in unusual ways.

At this point, all we can do is hope we’re flattening the curve so we can put this chapter behind us and move forward in both our personal and professional lives.

Hats off to our FNGLA staff who have all been working remotely. They have delivered countless resources to help us navigate these unfamiliar waters.  Our FNGLA staff provided essential workforce letters, loan application links and dozens of resources, just to name a few. If you missed any of them, they’re all located on FNGLA’s website here.

With the shutdown, unfortunately, FNGLA’s Chapters can’t meet in person.  However, recently FNGLA’s Sandra Pellerin has been reaching out to Chapter leaders to help set up Zoom meetings. If you’re interested in having a virtual meeting set up via computer for your FNGLA Chapter, please reach out to Sandra via email now. It’s a great way to reconnect with your Chapter colleagues and friends while we remain sheltered at home.

As I write this, and I think about the changes in my own life and business which have taken form in response to this pandemic over the past few weeks, my mind goes to all of my fellow FNGLA members as you care for your own families, businesses and employees. By now, you’ve probably endured many handfuls of changes in order to stay fluid to the challenges each day seems to bring.

I want you to know you’re all on my mind and I’m wishing the best for us all. I know how strong each of us are and I believe full-heartedly we will emerge stronger than ever.

Hopefully, by this time next month, we’ll begin to see things getting back to a bit more normal. But, until then, I’ll settle for greeting you all virtually at an upcoming Chapter Zoom meeting.

Wishing You all the Best,


Shawn Thomas
Sabal Landscape Solutions

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