What You Need to Know for Certifying Students

August 8, 2018

The school year has begun, and between in-service training and getting the classroom ready for students, horticulture teachers are strategizing how to embrace FNGLA’s Certified Horticulture Professional (FCHP) exam into their class schedules.

“We're here to help!” assures Merry Mott, FNGLA director of industry certifications and career development.

While the 2018-19 school year brings some minor changes to scheduling one’s students for the FCHP exam, the program basics remain the same. 

FCHP is still fully integrated into the curriculum frameworks for Horticulture Science & Services and Landscape Operations, specifically Agriscience Foundations 1, Introductory Horticulture 2 and Horticulture Science 3. 

With the use of the FCHP Manual, teachers will find the certification and the curriculum to go hand-in-hand. 

Mott suggests planning for the exam should begin as early as September to identify students who will seek certification. 

“As soon as these students are chosen, contact FNGLA with a list of their names and the approximate date testing will begin,” Mott says. 

FNGLA created a special page on its website specifically for horticulture teachers. It provides links for certification and industry resources, including information and required forms to set up FCHP testing. 

On the administrative side or the set-up process, the latest change installed is the test site application form with a list of students is now required a full 20 days prior to the start of testing. 

Also, student applications must be received 10 days prior to testing. Any students who require special accommodations should be designated on the original list of students submitted with the test site application form. 

“The certification process can be made stress-free with a little advanced planning," says Mott. "Just stay in contact with FNGLA!”

Contact Merry Mott for more information. 

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