TPIE: Top 10 Reasons to Exhibit

October 1, 2018

TPIE is the place where interior design and plant design connect! It is where the industry looks to discover new products and technologies to enhance one’s business. It’s also a venue for energizing creativity and an opportunity to meet new people, see new business opportunities and old connections with a fresh perspective. 

Here are a few great reasons to exhibit at TPIE:

1. Gather qualified leads for post-exhibition company follow-up.
2. Introduce new products or services to market: Promote your new products on the show floor at the Exhibitor Showcase.
3. Give your customers the opportunity to meet the expert: you!
4. Connect face-to-face with buyers not easily accessible to your salesforce. Over 10 percent of TPIE buyers are from 50+ countries. TPIE brings these buyers to you.
5. Access advertising and sponsorship opportunities to enhance your presence outside of your booth.
6. Network with industry professionals and colleagues.
7. Open doors for future sales calls.
8. Directly influence top decision-makers: 84 percent of TPIE buyers are direct influencers or final decision makers for purchases.
9. Reach dealers, reps and distributors to further develop relationships.
10. Reinforce your company brand.

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