President's Letter: 'The Amigos Will Ride Again'

July 10, 2018

For starters, it is with the humblest of hearts and deepest appreciation I serve as your 67th president.  And, the highest praise to FNGLA staff and FNGLA’s Frontrunners Chapter - with help from the Royal Palm Chapter - for hosting such a delightful convention. Challenge accepted for the high bar set for FNGLA Convention 2019.

I am blessed to have had the opportunity to participate in, and graduate from, the University of Florida’s Wedgworth Leadership Program.  Upon graduation, flood gates open with requests to serve on boards and advisory positions.  I share this for two reasons:

First, I am so very grateful to: FNGLA’s Chief Operating Officer Linda Adams for her nomination; FNGLA’s 2018 Educator of the Year Hannah Carter, Ph.D, for her friendship, leadership and esteem; and, all my Wedgworth classmates and friends with whom I’ve fostered lifelong bonds and whose support hopefully prepared me for the FNGLA year to come.  I know I would not be writing this if not for the program - and more to the point - the people who make it so special. 

Second, having had the opportunity to serve on and with other notable boards, committees, and groups, I wish our members to know - and I can say this most confidently - your FNGLA is in a class unto itself.   Please know, you have the very best individuals working in concert for your best interests every day.  We have much to be grateful and proud.

This past year, Ed Bravo adopted a “team” approach to his FNGLA presidency.  So strong was his commitment to this program, everywhere we went, we were affectionately referred to as the Amigos.  Not President Ed Bravo – but the Amigos!  I am indebted to Ed for his example set in leadership, humility, generosity (in all its forms) and, above all, his friendship.  I will continue his tradition – the Amigos will ride again.  Saddle up Shawn, Martin, and Ed!

With that object in mind, I shared a Bible verse at last month’s FNGLA convention:

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10:  9 Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor:  10 If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.  But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. 

This is what the FNGLA means to me and I think so many others. Very simply, being there to kindly help one another.  It is also what motivates me to give more and strive for excellence for our association and industry. 

It will no doubt be an interesting and challenging year.  I repeat: I, we, are surrounded by the very best staff, state officers, Board of Directors, committees/divisions, local leaders and members.  We will meet the challenges.

I look forward to seeing everyone as our FNGLA Chapter outreach continues.  The Amigos have a new Amiga (God help her!), Sandra Pellerin, who is FNGLA’s newest staff member and first “Member Manager.”  Please advise of your chapter events as early as possible and above all, let me know how I/we can best serve you.   

I pray for everyone’s continued success and may your every smile be bigger than the day previous.  



Will Womack, FCHP, FCLC

Tampa Bay Landscaping

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