FNGLA Unveils Certified Landscape Irrigation Service Technician Designation

January 12, 2021




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(ORLANDO, FL). – The Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association (FNGLA) continues its leadership to help conserve and protect Florida’s precious water resources by striving to maximize irrigation efficiencies for landscapes.  In so doing, FNGLA announces its newest industry professional certification: the Certified Landscape Irrigation Service Technician (FCLIST).  

FCLIST is FNGLA’s sixth industry certification developed for Florida’s nursery, landscape and irrigation professionals. This new hands-on training certification measures skills specific to technicians servicing landscape irrigation systems. With a 400-page manual, nine physical stations and one written section, the FCLIST raises the bar of professionalism among the 203,000 people employed by Florida’s $29.9 billion nursery and landscape industry (UF/IFAS Economic Impact Report for 2018).  

“Florida's landscape and irrigation professionals are educated, trained and certified to put the right plants in the right places and to deliver the right amounts of water in the right ways,” said Phillip Hisey, chair of FNGLA’s Landscape Division and Director of Landscape Operations at Colen Built Development, LLC in Ocala, FL. “Professionally designed, installed and maintained landscapes can achieve significant water efficiencies and savings without sacrificing beautiful landscapes on residential and commercial properties.”

An ever-expanding variety of low-volume and micro-irrigation tools and systems are available so professionals can target water directly to the root zones of plants.  Among these are new and advanced on-demand irrigation tools to distribute water slowly and in small amounts, such as: drip emitters; trickle sprayers; micro or mini-spray sprinklers; mist emitters; and, soil moisture sensors. The FCLIST is a key to training and educating landscape irrigation personnel how to properly service these tools so maximum irrigation efficiencies are maintained. 

Rollout of the new FCLIST training and exams began in late January and will be conducted at many of FNGLA’s six certification exam sites throughout Florida.  FNGLA can also bring the FCLIST directly to landscape irrigation firms to train their personnel.  More than 3,000 FNGLA certifications are currently held by Florida nursery and landscape professionals.   

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