Elevator to the Top

June 4, 2018

South Florida Landscape Contractor Jenkins Landscape uses FNGLA Certification to Promote Employees

Business owners know that all-too-often, finding good employees is only half the battle --- keeping them can prove illusive.

That’s why one South Florida landscape company is using FNGLA certification to encourage employees to move up within the company -- and hopefully stick around for a while.

Vice President Erin Jenkins Banas of Jenkins Landscape, a Landscape Contractor based in Hobe Sound, says she takes notice of employees who seek to earn an FNGLA certification.

After employees earn their certification it gives them confidence, and they show a noticeable pride in their position within the company, Jenkins Banas adds.

“I love when an employee hangs their certification on the wall,” exclaims Jenkins Banas. “That tells me they’re working in landscape because they really enjoy it and it’s not just a paycheck!”

Jenkins Landscape has 30 employees who hold at least one of FNGLA’s six professional certifications. In April, the company hosted FNGLA’s Certified Landscape Maintenance Technician training and testing for Martin and Palm Beach County landscape companies. Banas says better employees makes for a better company.

“The certifications are something we tell our customers and potential customers about to help us stand out from the competition,” she says. “Our employees’ increased knowledge and experience improves their work performance in the landscape.”

Employees also receive a bonus and a pay raise depending on the certification, says Banas. “Every employee wants to make more money and the certification program benefits both the employee and employer.”

And, more money, more respect and higher rank go a long way toward keeping happy, competent employees, Banas adds.  

For more information on FNGLA Certifications, visit FNGLA’s website.

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