FNGLA's R-O-I Calculator

 Annual FNGLA benefits  Value
 Ben's Bullets: Weekly Industry Updates   $100
 Electronic Communications:
 Greenline, Legislative Updates, Industry News
 Industry Alerts   $150
 Access to FNGLA's PROS Resource Library
 (Policy, Regulation, Operation Standards)
Immediate Annual FNGLA Benefits Value      $

 Additional FNGLA Member Discounts Number Savings Value
The Landscape Show Booth Discount
Number of 10X10 booths
TPIE Show Booth Discount
Number of 10X10 booths
Show Directory Advertising
Discount Per Placement
Florida Flower Trials
Discount Per Person
Education on the Go
Discount Per Person
FNGLA Certifications Testing Fees
Discount From $65-$200 Per Student
FNGLA Certifications Manuals
Discount From $15-$30 Per Manual
Landscape Awards Entry Discount
Discount Per Entry
Coronavirus Resource library & Exclusive FNGLA Members-Only Coronavirus Employment Hotline use $450
PlantFinder Participation Discount $870
Employment Law Hotline
Savings per Hour
Access to Regulatory Compliance Expert Savings per Hour $135
Group Life Insurance Savings
Average $120 Per Person 
Isuzu New Truck Purchase Discount
Average over $800 savings per vehicle
Credit Card Processing Average Calculated Savings of $3,100 $3,100
Fresh from Florida's FAPC Program
Enrollment Up to $1,500
Printing, Graphics and Marketing
from Creative. Savings from $500
Payroll Processing Discount
Savings from $850
Additional Annual FNGLA Member Savings    $

Total Savings with FNGLA Membership

Calculated Annual FNGLA Member Savings:    $

ROR Benefits, Return On Relationship
(non-tangible benefits)

Members also save money utilizing the cost-saving partnerships:
Access to FNGLA Chapter Meetings & peer relationships
Business Connections:
Research, IFAS, FDACS, FDOT, Water Management District, DEP Connections
Expansion of professional opportunities and development
Notification of Industry Event Happenings

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