FNGLA Membership

Welcome to the FNGLA Family! 

FNGLA membership is company-based -- meaning members are organizations like:

  • Landscape companies
  • Nursery & Greenhouse Growers
  • Irrigation Companies

  • Citrus Nurseries
  • Garden Centers
  • Allied Suppliers

  • Municipalities
  • Non-profits
  • Educational Institutions

Organizational Membership Types

Member Business (Organizational Membership)

Benefits Include: Full membership benefits to all employees of the company including:

Cost: Annual dues are based on gross sales:

Company with less than $500,000 annual gross sales - $395
Company with $500,001 to $2,000,000 annual gross sales - $595
Company with $2,000,001 and up annual gross sales - $895

Organizational Members can also add the following to their membership: 

AFFILIATE FIRM: Additional Firm owned by an Active Firm. This includes voting privileges. Cost: $200

AFFILIATE MEMBER: Employee of an Active or Affiliate Firm. Includes voting privileges. Limit 1 member per organizational membership. Cost: $150

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Supportive Organization Membership

Supportive Organization includes government and educational institutions, Non-Profit and Not-for-Profit organizations.

Benefits extend to all employees of the organization including:

Cost: $95 per year

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Start-Up Business Member

A Start-Up Business Member is a firm in the first stage of its operations.

Benefits include FULL Organizational Membership discounts and benefits to all employees of the company!

Note: a Start-Up Member Business has been in business for less than three years and shall be limited to such membership class for a single period of no more than two consecutive years. Active Association members shall not be eligible to be a Start-Up Business Member. 

Cost: $200 per year 

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Individual Membership Types

Retired Industry Professional

A Retired Industry Professional is no longer employed in the industry. 

Includes a Chapter membership and access to FNGLA newsletters, and alerts. 

Cost: $95 per year

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FNGLA Certified Individual Membership

An FNGLA Certified Individual Member is an individual who holds and maintains at least one of the Association's professional Certifications.  

Benefits included are:

Note: This membership cannot be used as a substitute for a firm otherwise qualified to be an active organization member, nor can business owner of a company be a certified member in lieu of an active organization membership. 

Cost:$95 per year

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Student Membership

Includes a Chapter membership and access to FNGLA news and alerts. Student members may also take advantage of discounts on FNGLA Certifications and materials. 

Cost: $75 per year

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