Immigration Reform

FNGLA supports comprehensive immigration reform enabling nursery and landscape industry employers to hire
and retain a sufficient and properly documented workforce. Download the Paper (PDF)

Insurance Reform

FNGLA supports a comprehensive approach to insurance reform for small businesses to provide practical options for health care, workers' compensation, and property/casualty insurance. These programs must include specific criteria and meaningful reforms which bring down the cost of premiums and expand availability of affordable coverage. Download the Paper (PDF)

Pesticide Use and Worker Safety

FNGLA embraces the development of education and outreach tools which promote proper pesticide use and worker safety. Additionally, FNGLA supports the implementation and enforcement of science-based, scholastically recognized, practical, and unambiguous pesticide laws which provide the tools necessary for nursery and landscape professionals to protect nursery crops and plant material in the landscape without
adversely impacting the natural system. Download the Paper (PDF)

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