FNGLA Landscape Awards


Judging Criteria

To help applicants describe their entries, the Judges often look to see how the entries address the following:


For Landscape Installation and Renovation entries:

  • Client’s desires and restrictions met
  • Effective use of materials
  • Creative, unique, inspiring or effective design
  • Degree of difficulty
  • Quality of material
  • Effective use of color
  • Compatibility with other materials
  • Finished appearance


For Landscape Maintenance entries:

  • Client’s desires and restrictions met
  • Effective use of seasonal color
  • Cleanliness of hardscapes
  • Sharpness of edges/lines
  • Degree of difficulty
  • Quality of material
  • Properly pruned shrubs and trees
  • Overall appearance


For Landscape Irrigation entries:

  • Client’s desires and restrictions met
  • Nature and scope of the irrigation challenge
  • Use of separately-zoned sprays, rotors and micro-irrigation
  • Use of micro-irrigation in the landscape beds
  • Use of water-conserving products (e.g., smart controllers, metering, check valves)
  • Percentage of overhead sprinkler (high volume) irrigation used in the landscape area


Judges may also award extra points for entries which are shown to embrace some or all of the principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping™: (1) right plant, right place; (2) water efficiently; (3) fertilize appropriately; (4) mulch; (5) attract wildlife; (6) manage yard pests responsibly; (7) recycle yard waste; (8) reduce storm water run-off; and, (9) protect the waterfront.

Why Enter?

Winning an FNGLA Landscape Award increases your ability to:

  • Promote the high quality of your work. If you win an award, you’ll be able to add “FNGLA Award-Winning” to your marketing!

  • Build customer and client relationships. Your clients will feel proud their properties were deemed among the best in all of Florida! It will reconfirm their choice of placing their faith and confidence in you as their landscape professionals.

  • Motivate employees and improve team performance. A great deal of effort goes into executing all of the details of a landscape. Winning an award validates your team’s work!

  • Build a photo library. Preparing for award entries gets you in the habit of photographing your work. You never know when you’ll capture the perfect shot which you’ll use in your marketing and sales pitches for years to come!

  • Generate sales. Closing the deal with your prospects will be easier when they see the value and prestige they will receive from working with your award-winning, professional landscape firm.
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