FNGLA’s First Irrigation Certification Exam is a Success!

February 22, 2021

When FNGLA planned to add a sixth certification to its offerings, industry interest was piqued when it was announced it would be an irrigation certification. And on January 19, 2021, the first exam for FNGLA’s Certified Landscape Irrigation Service Technician (FCLIST) was launched. 

Eight industry professionals from five companies were the first to take FNGLA’s newest certification offering which focuses on maximizing landscape irrigation efficiency by training and certifying irrigation service professionals in a variety of fundamental irrigation skills.  

Following is the breakdown of the FCLIST exam:


Station 1 Parts ID, Safety, Terminology, Codes & Regulations (Written portion)

Station 2 Water Sources: Potable, Reclaimed, Filters Pumps, Backflow (Maint & Repair)

Station 3 Sprinklers: Types, Sizes, Features, Maintenance-Repair-Replacement

Station 4 Valves: Types, Function, Maintenance, Repair

Station 5 System Controllers:  Types, Setting, Function, Maintenance

Station 6 Irrigation Wiring & Splices:  Use of Multimeters, Repair of wire, connectors

Station 7 Pipe & Fitting Repairs:  Types of and demonstrate different ways to make a repair.

Station 8 Operational Efficiency of Irrigation System

Station 9 Basic Troubleshooting Scenarios

This is a hands-on exam with one written section and eight stations where applicants demonstrate their knowledge and skills in maintaining and servicing an irrigation system. The exam and training will occur at FNGLA’s current test sites throughout the state as well as at member companies.

The next exam is scheduled for the University of North Florida in Jacksonville with training on March 2 and testing will take place on March 9. To take part in this exam, contact Gary Weitermann at FNGLA for information. 


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