Logo System


FNGLA has three varying logos that are available to select audiences:

  1. "Proud Member of" logo for members' use: available to all FNGLA members. Log in to access the logo.
  2. "Chapter Specific" logos for each specific chapter's use: available to chapter leaders. Contact Kate Clary for your chapter's logo.
  3. FNGLA's State logo for state office: available for media use. Contact Kate Clary for available formats.

Please be certain you are using the appropriate logo & follow the guidelines below.

Please contact Kate Clary, Director of Marketing & Public Relations should you have questions specific to your use.

Guidelines on how to use the FNGLA logo and downloads

If you have any questions about the correct application of the FNGLA logo, contact FNGLA's Director of Marketing & PUblic Relations at kclary@fngla.org

Logo System

The official FNGLA logo should only be used by current members, chapters or consumer/industry media professionals.

Primary Logo

The logo is the most identifiable image that FNGLA uses.

FNGLA has several variations of the logo to meet differing design needs. Together they comprise FNGLA's logo system. FNGLA's logo is the official logo for use on all FNGLA communications.

The logo consists of two elements: the sun/leaf emblem and the words "FNGLA, Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association." These two elements work together to create a graphic identity representation of FNGLA.

The FNGLA logo represents the evolution of the previous logo and initials FNGLA while providing a bold new iconic direction for the association.

The "FNGLA" monogram, sun/leaf graphic and "Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association" wordmark dominate the logo because they are the one-word identifiers that the industry knows us as. The wordmark combined with the FNGLA monogram and sun/leaf graphic form the official mark. A horizontal rule serves as a connector between the monogram and the wordmark.

FNGLA Logo with Tagline

FNGLA's tagline is Leading Florida's Green Industry. The tagline appears under the full length of the logo to increase its visibility and reinforce the overall layout.

The tagline is used with the FNGLA logo whenever possible on publications and other external and internal communications. The tagline may be used independently of the FNGLA logo. The type font must be maintained. To preserve text readability, versions that are less than 2.5 inches wide do not need to carry the tagline.

Tagline specifications

Font: Century Gothic, italic
Color: Pantone 348C

Chapter Logos

FNGLA chapters are required to use the new logo format. The Chapter logo uses that chapter's name in place of the tagline. However, the tagline may appear as it's own graphic element on a layout, but not as part of the logo. Chapter members are encouraged to contact FNGLA's Director of Marketing & Public Relations as a resource or if they have any questions regarding the new logo.

General Usage Guidelines

The following guidelines govern the use of the FNGLA logo, wordmark, and monogram in all forms of communication, including but not limited to print and electronic media.

  • Do not alter the logo artwork, aspect ratio or colors or take elements from the logo for use elsewhere.

  • The logo should be used as a prominent graphic element in all publications -- print and electronic -- affiliated with FNGLA. As a side note, chapter members should use the "Proud Member of" version of the logo for their business use, while chapters are an integral part of FNGLA and use the chapter logo.

  • The logo should not be modified in any manner. These symbols may be reproduced only from original master copies. If you do not find the logo you need, contact Kate Clary at 800-375-3642.

  • Any associations or affiliates of FNGLA wishing to use a specific identifier other than the FNGLA logo must have prior approval and must use it in accordance with the guidelines in this manual.

  • In situations where strategic and/or financial partnerships exist, the trademark(s) or logo(s) of the partner or partners may be displayed in printed and electronic communications, but should be separated from the FNGLA logo by at least one half inch and should not be given prominence over the FNGLA logo. Graphic elements that appear to connect or combine the FNGLA logo with other logos or graphics should not be used.

  • Using the FNGLA tagline, Leading Florida's Green Industry, as part of the logo or wordmark is preferred. The tagline should be incorporated whenever possible, as part of the logo provided. To preserve text readability, versions that are less than 2.5 inches wide do not need to carry the tagline.

Minimum Size

For the greatest impact and readability, a minimum logo size has been established. The size of the FNGLA logo should not be less than one and a half inches in length and proportions should not be altered.

Area of Isolation

The logo must always be reproduced with an area of isolation. This is the area that surrounds the logo. It must always remain free of any other graphic element. The area of isolation, or "X" space, must be consistent in every application of our brand.

Area of Isolation example


The primary typeface for FNGLA is Gotham.

FNGLA: Gotham Condensed Bold



Green and yellow-gold comprise one of the most distinguishable elements of FNGLA's identity. The four-color logo is always preferred.

  • A reverse/white version of the logo is available.
  • The black/white (also known as grayscale) logo or reverse (white) logo should only be used if a printed piece is not 4-color (full color). If a piece is 1-, 2- or 3- colors, a one color version of the logo may be used as a substitute if the official colors do not work or are not available.
  • All web/email items should carry the full four-color logo.

Note: the leaf stroke and the curve between the sun rays and the sun is white, not transparent!

  • Official colors are Pantone 348C (green) and Pantone 123C (gold).
  • The center of the sun is 123C gold at 75%
FNGLA Official Colors
PMS (Coated stock)
PMS (Uncoated stock)
Green 348 C 348 UC R: 0
G: 132
B: 68
C: 99
M: 21
Y: 100
K: 8
Gold 123 C 109 UC R: 255
G: 200
B: 46
C: 0
M: 22
Y: 91
K: 0


Photoshop elements such as a slight drop shadow or glow may be added to enhance the logo when it appears on a dark background. However, Photoshop elements that change the overall look/weight of the logo such as strokes, bevel or embossing should not be used.

Unacceptable Variations

Maintaining the integrity of the FNGLA logo is important. It must be presented in a clear, consistent, and effective manner.

Incorrect Usage - Main Logo

Do not change the color of the primary logo
Do not add a border or change coloring of any elements
Do not tilt the logo
Do not move logo parts
Do not alter the fonttype of the logo
Do not remove the white strokes from the sun or leaf

Incorrect Usage - Backgrounds

The following examples illustrate what not to do with the FNGLA logo on backgrounds.

  • Never use the FNGLA logo on bright or any unauthorized color backgrounds.
  • Do not apply the FNGLA logo to any striped, geometric, floral or dotted patterns.
  • Do not use on an extremely dark background unless a slight drop white shadow is used.
  • Questions regarding usage can be directed to kclary@fngla.org