Entry Eligibility

Landscape projects featuring at least 50 percent Florida-grown plant material is eligible. Entries in the 2016 FNGLA Landscape Awards Program must have been installed on or after January 1, 2013. No previous FNGLA Landscape Award winning entry will be accepted. “Honorary Mention” certificates will be provided to all entry applicants who do not win awards. The cost to submit a project is $165 for FNGLA members and $220 for non-FNGLA members.There is no fee for nominations for any of the Special Recognition awards (see below for details on these awards).

Enter (1) New Installations, (2) Redesign/Renovation and (3) Maintenance in the following categories:

Residential Single Family

Single-family homes

Residential Community Apartments, condominiums, homeowner associations
Commercial Offices, hotels, shopping centers, banks, golf courses
Theme Park Theme parks
Institutional/Public Schools, parks, public buildings, highways, hospitals
Interior Project Atriums, malls, office buildings, hotels, any interior groupings
Special Project

Waterfalls, lighting, specialty gardens, short term or temporary landscapes

Student Project

Any project developed, installed and/or maintained by students

Environmentally Sustainable Site

Re-establishment of native plant community to resemble adjacent natural ecosystems or to emulate natural vegetative habitats such as facilities, parks, flood plains, dunes, conservation areas and preserves. These are quality landscapes which efficiently use water, protect the environment, and are adapted to local conditions

Judging Points

Entries earn extra points if the principles of Florida Friendly Landscaping ™ are embraced in the project entry. The nine principles of Florida Friendly Landscaping ™ are: (1) right plant, right place; (2) water efficiently; (3) fertilize appropriately; (4) mulch; (5) attract wildlife; (6) manage yard pests responsibly; (7) recycle yard waste; (8) reduce storm water runoff; and, (9) protect the waterfront.


Entry Values

Entries must identify the total project value/ cost in the Landscape Award entry submission. All values or costs for installation categories must include the cost of all plant material and labor. Hardscape costs must also be included if such are a part of the award entry. Be sure to break out plant/installation costs vs. hardscape/ installation costs. Maintenance dollar values include the annual cost to maintain the project entry.


Submit at least 10 – and up to 20 – digital images for each project entry. These digital images must be at least 200dpi high resolution files for presentation purposes and one must be at least 300dpi high resolution file for presentation and/or plaque purposes. (JPG and TIF files are recommended). To help enhance your submission, View Our Submission Entry Tips.

All entires must be submitted via the online entry form only. The online form provides two options for submitting the images for the project.


The fee to submit a Landscape Award Nomination is $165 for FNGLA members and $220 for non-members.


Submit a Landscape Award Application>>

Descriptions must be entered online even if the images are sent via CD. Each description is limited to no more than two sentences. Number descriptions to correspond with numbered images. If possible, use “in-progress” and “before/after” images of the project, especially for the Redesign/Renovation category. DO NOT use any contractor or company names within the description of the images. Images are the most important part of any entry: they should be clear, in focus, and representative of the project.

All entry images become the property of FNGLA and may be used for publication purposes.

Special Recognition Awards

Entry applications are considered by the judges for the FNGLA Roy Rood Award, the FNGLA Floriculture Award and the FNGLA Florida Friendly Landscape™ Award.

Nominations for the FNGLA S.J. Blakely Award are encouraged and accepted as part of FNGLA’s Landscape Awards program. There is no fee associated with this award. An online entry form must be submitted to nominate an FNGLA member firm for the FNGLA S.J. Blakely Award. Please include several images of the place of business.

FNGLA S.J. Blakely Award Presented to an FNGLA member firm which exemplifies design and landscape excellence by the appearance of the landscaping at their place of business
FNGLA Floriculture Award Judged to be the entry showcasing the most effective use of plant material creating color and texture in the landscape
FNGLA Florida Friendly Landscape™ Award

Judged to be the entry showcasing the most effective use of the Florida Friendly Landscaping™ principles

FNGLA Roy Rood Award

Judged to be the most outstanding entry in the FNGLA Landscape Awards program


For more information about the Landscape Awards Program:
Contact Ben Bolusky
Phone: (800) 375-3642