FNGLA Landscape Awards

FNGLA Landscape Awards


The FNGLA Landscape Awards Program was established in 1970 to recognize landscape excellence in Florida. Forty-seven years later, FNGLA is still celebrating "the best of the best" by recognizing projects and businesses which excel in creating some of the best landscapes in Florida.

FNGLA Landscape Awards are Sponsored by: 

Special Recognition Awards:

All entry applications are considered by the judges for the Grand Awards: 

FNGLA S.J. Blakely Award: Presented to an FNGLA member firm which exemplifies design and landscape excellence by the appearance of the landscaping at their place of business. Nominations for the FNGLA S.J. Blakely Award are encouraged and accepted as part of FNGLA’s Landscape Awards program. There is no fee associated with this award.

FNGLA Floriculture Award: Judged to be the entry showcasing the most effective use of plant material creating color and texture in the landscape.

FNGLA Florida Friendly Landscapetm: Judged to be the entry showcasing the most effective use of the Florida Friendly Landscaping™ principles.

FNGLA Roy Rood Award: Judged to be the most outstanding entry in the FNGLA Landscape Awards program.

Benefits to Award Winners: 

  • Establish yourself and your business as an industry elite.
  • Gain industry recognition: Be an industry superstar!
  • Gain award credential to showcase to potential clients.
  • Expand your participation and visibility at The Landscape Show, the industry's main event for all things related to Florida landscapes.
  • Earn media exposure.
  • Receive complimentary registrations to The Landscape Show.

Note: Entries earn extra points if the principles of Florida Friendly Landscaping™ are embraced in the project entry. The nine principles of Florida Friendly Landscaping™ are:

(1) right plant, right place;
(2) water efficiently;
(3) fertilize appropriately;
(4) mulch;
(5) attract wildlife;
(6) manage yard pests responsibly;
(7) recycle yard waste;
(8) reduce storm water runoff; and,
(9) protect the waterfront.

Entries must identify the total project value and/or cost of maintenance.

2019 Eligibility

Landscape projects featuring at least 50% Florida-grown plant material is eligible and must have been installed (or started being maintained for maintenance awards) on or after January 1, 2014.

Enter (1) New Installations, (2) Redesign/Renovation and (3) Maintenance in the following categories:

  • Residential Single Family
  • Single-family homes
  • Residential Community
  • Apartments, condominiums, homeowner associations
  • Commercial
  • Offices, hotels, shopping centers, banks, golf courses
  • Theme Park
  • Institutional/Public
  • Schools, parks, public buildings, highways, hospitals
  • Interiorscape
  • Atriums, malls, office buildings, hotels, any interior groupings

COST: $85 for FNGLA members/$130 for nonmembers.

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