Policy Position Papers


With association leaders having identified the leading business challenges faced by Florida's nursery and landscape industry, FNGLA has developed a series of position papers that gives background information and clearly identifies FNGLA's position on these public policies.

Amendment 4 (aka Hometown Democracy)

FNGLA opposes the proposed Amendment 4 which will appear on the 2010 Florida election ballot because it will circumvent growth management policies; jeopardize private property rights; remove local government flexibility for economic growth; and, place all future growth management decisions in the hands of voters who, with little technical information and data, will be forced to cast votes in favor or against every proposed local comprehensive use plan change. Download the Paper (PDF)

Best Management Practices

FNGLA supports the development of industry-driven, sciencebased, voluntary, best management practices (BMPs) that provide cost-share opportunities and other incentives to assist nurseries in meeting water quality standards and other environmental goals. Download the Paper (PDF)

Estate or Death Tax

FNGLA supports the full and permanent repeal of the federal estate or death tax. Download the Paper (PDF)

Fertilizer Ordinances

FNGLA supports the development and adoption of a consistent statewide
fertilizer ordinance for commercial and residential lawns and landscapes. It
must be: (1) based on sound horticultural science; (2) practical and enforceable;
(3) protective of water resources; (4) recognizes and encourages the use of
industry certified professionals; and, (5) contains a strong public education
component. Download the Paper (PDF)

Grades and Standards

FNGLA embraces the use of the Florida Grades and Standards for Nursery Plants to help ensure high quality trees with good structure and greater longevity are used in Florida landscapes. Use of the Grades and Standards must be accompanied with the understanding that applying terms and standards to live trees is a subjective process, application must be practical and reasonable, and training or knowledge of tree biology, maintenance and production practices is needed. Trees should be graded based on any updated Grades and Standards as published by the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services' Division of Plant Industry (DPI). Any specifications beyond the Grades and Standards must be communicated to all parties in written form prior to delivery of the trees and plants. Download the Paper (PDF)

Immigration Reform

FNGLA supports comprehensive immigration reform enabling nursery and landscape industry employers to hire
and retain a sufficient and properly documented workforce. Download the Paper (PDF)

Incentives for Agriculture

FNGLA supports local and state programs which provide incentives to nursery and agricultural landowners to keep their land in production. Download the Paper (PDF)

Initiatives Changing Florida's Constitution

FNGLA supports efforts to uphold the integrity of Florida's Constitution by modifying its amendment process. Download the Paper (PDF)

Insurance Reform

FNGLA supports a comprehensive approach to insurance reform for small businesses to provide practical options for health care, workers' compensation, and property/casualty insurance. These programs must
include specific criteria and meaningful reforms which bring down the cost of premiums and expand availability of affordable coverage. Download the Paper (PDF)

Integrated Pest Management

FNGLA supports the continued research and development of biological, physical, cultural and chemical tools necessary for nursery growers and landscape maintenance professionals to incorporate Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies into their overall management regimes. Download the Paper (PDF)

Invasive Plants

FNGLA supports science-based risk assessment criteria to evaluate plants for potential invasiveness; research and identification of alternative cultivars and plants; and, adherence to voluntary codes of conduct for industry professionals. Download the Paper (PDF)

Landscape Irrigation Standards

FNGLA supports the development, implementation and recognition of landscape irrigation standards which incorporate the latest irrigation technologies that, promote water conservation, embrace sound, horticultural scientific principles such as "right plant in the right place," are economically feasible and recognize the importance of residential/commercial education and outreach programs that promote proper applications of landscape irrigation. Download the Paper (PDF)

Landscape Irrigation Policy Brief & Recommendations

Historically, Florida's water debates centered on agriculture's use of this precious natural resource. Fortunately, Florida's innovative nursery growers are achieving significant and meaningful water savings in large part due to two compelling developments. Download the Paper (PDF)

Landscape Ordinances

FNGLA supports landscape ordinances which reflect principles of horticultural science and promote reasonable & cost-effective minimum standards for the development, installation and maintenance of landscape areas without inhibiting the landscape profession's creativity and the property owners' choices. Download the Paper (PDF)

Land and Water Legacy Amendment - 2014

FNGLA opposes Amendment 1 on the November 2014 statewide ballot due to its significant obligation of trust fund dollars; overly broad use of funds for land acquisition at the possible expense of land management, water quantity and quality projects; and, because it handcuffs the flexibility of elected state officials to meet their sole constitutional duty -- balancing the State of Florida's budget. Download the Paper (PDF)

Land Use and Property Rights

FNGLA supports the rights of private landowners against onerous land-use restrictions and cumbersome growth
management regulations which unreasonably limit land use flexibility and/or unduly reduce the value of privately owned lands. Download the Paper (PDF)

Numeric Nutrient Criteria

FNGLA supports the development and adoption of nutrient standards which are science‐based; technically and economically feasible; and, provide practical solutions for the protection of Florida's water bodies. Download the Paper (PDF)

Nursery Research Initiative

FNGLA urges full funding and implementation of USDA's Floriculture & Nursery Research Initiative. Download the Paper (PDF)

Pesticide Use and Worker Safety

FNGLA embraces the development of education and outreach tools which promote proper pesticide use and worker safety. Additionally, FNGLA supports the implementation and enforcement of science-based, scholastically recognized, practical, and unambiguous pesticide laws which provide the tools necessary for nursery and landscape professionals to protect nursery crops and plant material in the landscape without
adversely impacting the natural system. Download the Paper (PDF)


FNGLA insists the scientific foundation and biological integrity of Quarantine-37 must never be compromised because to do otherwise will dramatically increase the risk of introducing new, damaging exotic pests and diseases. Download the Paper (PDF)

Water Conservation & Irrigation Efficiency

FNGLA supports the development and implementation of sciencebased water conservation Best Management Practices, encourages cost-share assistance for conversion to more efficient irrigation systems, and supports research to increase reclaimed water use. Download the Paper (PDF)

Water Supply & Storage Development

FNGLA supports the research & development of traditional and alternative water sources and water storage methods that are environmentally sound, economically cost-effective and technologically feasible. Download the Paper (PDF)