Florida Green Industry Coalition


Executive Summary

As Florida's elected leaders and government regulators struggle with maintaining the balance between business, citizen and environmental needs for our limited water resources, Florida Green Industry professionals have been engaged at every level of government, providing knowledgeable input on regulatory and policy initiatives which directly impact our businesses and Florida's economy.

Unfortunately, many of these new regulatory approaches do not rely on sound science, good economics, technical expertise or practical considerations. Let us be clear: Every Floridian wants clean water. We all want Florida to prosper from tourism and we all want to protect our natural resources. However, good policy decisions cannot be made by addressing only select facets of the issues. Government officials and regulators must engage those professionals who have the expertise and experience to help address water-related issues affecting urban lawns and landscapes.

Who Makes up the Coalition?

The Florida Green Industry Coalition represents an ad-hoc group of representatives from all aspects of Florida's Green Industry, including the Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association; Florida Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects; Florida Turfgrass Association; Florida Landscape Maintenance Association; Florida Irrigation Society; Florida Sod Growers Cooperative; Florida Golf Course Superintendents Association; Florida Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture; and the Irrigation Association.


The driving purpose of the Florida Green Industry Coalition is to develop Policy Position Papers and other resources which can be utilized at the local, regional and state levels in developing sound public policy decisions. The Florida Green Industry Coalition has developed three policy position papers: Industry Professionalism; Water Conservation; and Landscape Irrigation Standards.
The overarching tenets to the policy position papers include:

  • Recognizing and utilizing appropriately licensed, certified and/or trained professionals for all aspects of landscape design, installation, and maintenance.

  • Focusing on site conditions and site characteristics of the specific landscape projects rather than on limiting the palette of plants and turf.

  • Utilizing micro-irrigation and other low-volume irrigation in appropriate areas, as well as committing the resources to aggressively utilize real-time, demand-based irrigation controllers, and other proven irrigation technologies which will significantly reduce, if not eliminate, overwatering lawns and landscapes --plants don't waste water; people do.

  • Embracing the existing horticultural resources and tools, including the principles of Florida Friendly Landscaping and the State of Florida's Landscape Irrigation Design Standards.

  • Developing regulatory programs based on sound science rather than politics and emotion.

The Florida Green Industry Coalition is pleased to provide these policy position papers as critical resources to be utilized in addressing Florida's water conservation and water quality issues. These papers provide insight, scientific guidance and practical solutions which are applicable throughout the State of Florida.

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