Trial Sites

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2018 Trial Sites

Breeders and growers have no easy task when it comes to developing plants suitable for Florida's climate. Encompassing USDA hardiness zones 8A - 11 is only part of the story when you factor in Florida's harsh humidity, the extremes of summer and, of course, anticipating the unanticipated. Selecting the right plants for the right place in a Florida landscape can be a challenge. 

With three trial sites, Florida Flower Trials provides three different locations where plants can be assessed. While the sites are all in Central Florida, there are light, temperature and maintenance differences which affect the performance of the plants, and this conference gives you access to not just the plants, but the information you need to make the best, informed decisions. 

Walt Disney World's Nursery


The Walt Disney World Nursery is where many of the new varieties are tested before they make their final debut ‘on stage’ at the theme parks. The trial area is full sun and each variety will be planted in a 22 square-ft area in raised beds.

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Harry P. Leu Gardens


Located in Downtown Orlando, this trial site, which is modeled after a traditional landscape design, is located within the botanical gardens’ heavily visited 50 acre spread.  As part of the botanical gardens’ multitude of different shaded canopies, this trial site is ideal to showcase shade varieties.

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UF/IFAS Orange County Extension


This location offers a special micro-climate consistently five degrees cooler than surrounding areas. It is full sun, and offers a display of container options. Each bed is designed and separated into six organized square plots. 

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