Bedding Plant TLC - Problems and Solutions for Landscape Color

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Presented by Lee Bloomcamp, Syngenta, Gainesville, FL

About the Session

Maintaining seasonal color in the landscape means managing weeds, insects and diseases. Lee will share strategies to help protect your plant investment and keep bugs and 'crud' at bay.

About the Presenter

Lee Bloomcamp holds a B.S. in Crop Protection from Kansas State University, and a M.S. from the University of Florida in Medical/Veterinary Entomology.   Her past experience includes 9 years as with the University of Florida.  This includes 6 years as Pest Control Manager with the University of Florida’s Division of Environmental Health and Safety, supervising structural pest control and landscape pesticide applications on the UF campus and surrounding areas.  She also spent several years in research positions with U.F. and the Gainesville and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Lee started her industry career with Bayer in 1990, and has worked for Syngenta since 1996. She currently manages Syngenta’s nursery and greenhouse business for the state of Florida, and resides in Gainesville, Florida. 

It's all about the plants!