Advanced Irrigation / Techniques to Increase Productivity

September 18, 2019 | 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


6021 S. Conway Rd.
Orlando, FL 32812

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Session: Advance Irrigation / Techniques to Increase Productivity in Wire Tracking, Valve Locating, and Fault Finding


Even before a valve or wire problem can be diagnosed, it has to be found. But using wire trackers or fault finders can be so frustrating, often leading to wasted or unbillable time. This three-hour course builds on the basics of using wire trackers and identifies practices which can reduce the time to locate wires, valves, and faults. It reveals the advanced techniques which have taken most years to figure out. Attendees will use BOTH brands of wire trackers and fault finders on a live irrigation system, and practice on authentic simulations of real-world situations. Class discussions encourage sharing situations which always give you problems, and getting input from the other professionals.

Who should attend?

Landscape and irrigation professionals who:

  • Have some experience with wire locators but need to be even better.
  • Want to know how the really good technicians do it.
  • Do not use fault finders often enough to learn to be good with them.
  • Want to share their experiences and find better techniques.

Pre-registration price by Sept. 9 - $75 | Onsite - $90

TLS Knowledge College

This workshop is part of the Knowledge College. With more than 20 unique, hands-on workshops and sessions, the Knowledge College at the Landscape Show offers attendees real-workplace principles to become the best in their business!  Attendees will find new ideas to provoke new thinking. By choosing one or multiple workshops, one can build a program tailor-made to meet business needs and provide smart ideas to be more effective, efficient and re-energized.

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