Basic Irrigation (Beginner Course)

September 18, 2019 | 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


UF-IFAS Orange County Ext Services
6021 S Conway Rd.
Orlando, FL 32812

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Workshop: BEGINNER COURSE IN ENGLISH - Basic Irrigation - The Irrigation Installers’ Guide to Sprinkler Coverage


An efficient irrigation system is more than just making the water come out of the sprinklers. This three-part program will take the installation or service technician through principles of sprinkler coverage which minimize water waste and optimize plant health and appearance. It will also impart how technicians can incorporate principles into their jobs every day.

This training is ideal for irrigation installation or service technicians who want to expand beyond assembling components. Sprinkler nuzzling, sprinkler pressure and placement will all be discussed.

  • PART 1.  Sprinkler Nozzling – It is not the sprinkler which controls sprinkler coverage. It is the nozzle. This session includes reading nozzle charts to select sprinklers, determining gallons per minute, creating even application rates, and minimizing wasted water.
  • PART 2.  Sprinkler Pressure – Every nozzle has only one optimum pressure, even though they work within a range of pressures. Knowing the optimum pressure and how to build a system which can deliver that pressure to sprinklers is at the very foundation of efficient irrigation. This session covers source pressure, understanding pressure losses, and sizing the components to minimize pressure losses.
  • PART 3.  Sprinkler Placement – There is more to overlapping coverage than just head-to-head placement. This session explains how sprinklers work together, how to position sprinklers in irregular shapes in the landscape, and how nozzle selection and sprinkler pressure affect placement.

Pre-registration price by Sept. 9 - $75 | Onsite - $90

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